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By cocoontherapies, Oct 3 2016 11:08AM

Well, let me tell you that it is almost impossible to do.

As far as argan oil is concerned, I come accross many who claim supporting women cooperatives but when I ask where they get their supply, then it is big secret time!

...."oh! we can't tell as it is our special contact"...


A serious company should be open and be able to give names of cooperatives where they get their supplies.

Funnily, the big corporation are the most honnest it seems. Lush for exemple buys from the UCFA (Union of Women Argan Oil Cooperatives) like me. I should know because I arranged the deal.

It is more the hundreds of middle size companies I am concerned about.

I once noticed for exemple that a company was claiming supporting the UCFA on their website.

Having checked with Jamila, driectrice from the UCFA, I tried to find out if maybe they bought from an intermediary...but instead of making contact, they changed their webiste within the hour.

They then claimed supporting 22 cooperatives having removed the word UCFA...I challenged them again...and again...their webiste was changed.

They now claim supporting cooperatives. I don't doubt them! I just find the whole online ETHOS very strange.

Others are just as bad. Their all promotion is about supporting the UCFA , yet they don't buy from them at all.

I could go on and on...

Anyway, I must have woken up grumpy today but now that I have written this, I feel a bit better about it.

So if you would like to use the highest grade organic fairt trade PGI certified argan oil in your products or buy for your personal care, please check my website and do not hesitate to ask questions.



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