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why Cocoon Therapies?

I discovered argan oil as a massage therapist and was soon convinced about its anti ageing properties when the most beautiful French ladies I know (now in in their 80s) with wonderful skin revealed that they had used it as their daily routine forever.


When I started buying it, little did I know about the different qualities available. It took me a long time to understand the different ways to produce it. There is Argan oil and argan oil!


As I was interested in the anti-ageing properties for skin, I had to get the best and nothing else.


I now partner with the UCFA, the first Union of Berber Women Cooperatives in South Morroco as they produce the highest grade argan oil.

By selecting the best kernels by hand and using cold pressed machines then filtering with natural papers, they ensure maximum properties.


Their oil is also organic, fair trade and PGI certified which means that it is produced within the UNESCO preserved argan forest to ensure sustainable income to its 1000 women members.


I am now not only in love with argan oil but also committed to help the UCFA and their beautiful social project impacting 22 villages within the most deprived areas of the forest.


You can expect a very high amount of natural vitamin E which benefits cannot be replicated chemically, making it one of the best anti-ageing product preventing the loss of elasticity of the skin.

It is also anti-inflammatory and can therefore help with acne, rosacae, eczema, burns, after-sun repair and also with stretch marks prevention, rebalancing sebum levels, dandruff, cuticles, strong nails, soft beard, soft skin etc.


Unlike other oils, it sinks in your skin quickly nourishing it in depth leaving you with a  wonderful feeling and natural glow.


All my products are safety

assessed and comply to

European regulation.

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