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50ML Pure argan. 100% fair trade organic argan oil. Free uk 1ST CLASS POST


Nothing else but organic argan oil straight from the UCFA. You can expect 65mg/100g of natural vitamin E anti oxidants. This is also the most ethical organic argan oil.

The simplest most natural anti ageing moisturiser for face body and hair. Also suitable for dry skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, nails, dandruff, stretch marks, scars, nappy rash, aftershave, shaving oil etc

This is ideal for sensitive skin and also the best value for money.

The oil has a very slight smell, sign of quality and that it has NOT been desodorised.  

So you know a deodorised argan oil is heated at very high temperature and so is dead of properties.  This one is raw, full of goodness.
Also, the smell is nothing like the culinary version which almonds have been toasted. This is the cosmetic argan oil, non toasted and cold pressed by small machines by the union of argan oil women cooperative (UCFA). (Please read about UCFA on the main menu)

Very high in natural vitamin E and full of antioxidants

Ingredients: 100% argania spinosia. Certifed organic by Ecocert. Ingredient produced by the UCFA , South Morocco and bottled by Cocoon Therapies, Manchester, UK.

Warning: Argan oil comes from an almond. Always patch test first. In case of reaction, rinse with lots of water.

Natural Vitamin E is sensitive to light and air this is why I only use dark glass bottles. Keep in dark cool place and keep the lid on.

The small bottle is refillable. Simply lift the roller ball with a knife and use the bigger size bottle to refill.

Any questions, please feel free to ask. Please enquire for wholesale prices.

Don't forget to add a pump if needed. I recommend reusing the pump as it isn't recyclable and it will save you on your next purchase.

Thnak you for your support