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Union of Berber Women Cooperatives.

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UCFA Website (Cocoon Therapies is listed among their partners).

Wikkipedia mentions the UCFA as a reference under Social Impacts.

IGP (Protected Geopgraphical Indication):

Press releases:

Wholesale of certified Fair trade Organic and IGP/PGI (protected Geopgraphical Indication) certified. COP22 Gender and Climate award.



Cocoon Therapies is partner of the UCFA, the first union of women cooperatives in South Morocco. The UCFA Tissaliwine was founded in 1995 with the help of the GIZ (German environmental agency) to enable sustainable development within the UNESCO protected argan forest in South West Morocco.



Cocoon Therapies only uses the UCFA argan oil in its products.

The Union is fair trade, organic and IGP certified and garantees fair income to 1000 women in 22 cooperatives within 22 villages in South West Morocco.


By buying from the UCFA, you therefore help fight desert progression, poverty and impact directly to the welfare of an entire community in South Morocco.


The argan tree is protected by UNESCO as its roots prevent soil erosion.  


NO goat is allowed in the forests around the cooperatives during the fruit season. Once fully ripen, the fruit fall on the floor.  The Berber women then pick them up by hand and carefully select the best argan kernel to extract the almonds.


For the cosmetic oil (which is the one I use) the almonds are then cold pressed and kept in dark containers to keep maximum natural vitamin E and antioxidants ensuring premium quality and maximum efficacy.


The UCFA is the reference for quality, fair trade and sustainability.


Cocoon therapies participates to the UCFA sustainable development fund which helps to finance children nursery facilities within the cooperatives. I would like to through my success to help them finance transport to secondary school but there is a long way to go.


For more info, please do not hesitate to call me.